Textile waste is an epidemic.  New trends and styles are released daily and it's easy to get lost in buying more at a cheaper price in order to keep up.  At Little Wild we want to extend the idea of purchasing less, but buying for quality instead.  If we all take a little extra time to love the clothes we wear we have the opportunity to pass them down to siblings, friends or sell them at a second-hand store. Keeping your items in circulation reduces the amount of clothing going to the landfill.  You can feel good about contributing to a safer, healthier future for your little ones.  
Little Wild is happy to offer you a place to consign your gently used items. 
We accept mid to high-end new or used baby and kids clothing, shoes and accessories. 
We are always in pursuit of secondhand apparel from small businesses, independent labels, and consciously ran brands, because of this we do not accept any "box store" brands (ex. Gap, Zara, Cherokee, etc).
We do not accept socks or underwear.   
We do not accept items that are torn, stained, or have broken zippers or missing buttons. 
All items must be freshly laundered.
Please contact us via Instagram or email to have your items picked up from any location in or around Regina.  We will then sort through your items and return (or donate as per your request) any items that fall outside our list of accepted items.
Items will be listed on our website for 3 months priced at our discretion. At the end of the term you will be contacted to collect any remaining items if you wish or have them donated on your behalf.
You will have the option of 50% cash back via e-transfer or 60% store credit which will be issued in the form of a gift card.