about us

Oh, hey there!

My name is Carrie and I am your friendly shop owner:) I am also a scientist, a wife and a mother.  I grew up in the vast, golden expanse of the prairies and still live here today. Together my husband and I have two beautiful daughters and through raising them the idea was spun to create Little Wild.  

I am tall.  My oldest daughter is tall.  She was lucky (?) enough to inherit these Amazonian genetics from her mama and as such had outgrown toddler sizes by the time she was four.  If you've ever been in my shoes you already know that appropriately dressing a four year old in size eight and above is a very difficult task.  I wanted cute toddler clothes for my toddler, and yet there I was shopping in the youth section (which can get a little pre-teeny).  This struggle is why I decided to start my own shop and source unique, adorable items that are available in larger sizes for all of us tall-kid moms out there.  Of course we are not limited to larger sizes, we carry a gorgeous range from newborn-12yrs.

As the shop following grew I started to look further outward, contemplating what I could do to make a difference.  My vision was no longer one strictly of convenience but became one of sustainability as well.  At Little Wild we take great care in procuring environmentally conscious, ethically made, quality wares.  We strongly believe in working together to leave behind a safe, healthy planet for future generations to enjoy. 
During the early days of Little Wild I was lucky enough to have a handful of women that supported me.  I went through countless "no's" when reaching out to the popular brands in my quest to stock the shop, it was the small independent labels and the women behind them that were willing to give me a shot. Not only did they allow me to follow my dream, I also made some great friends.  As a result you will mostly see an assortment of independent, family-run brands in our store. We try to encourage the “shop small” mentality by carrying these labels, and are proud to support small and/or local where we can.
Every label is tested personally by my own kiddos to ensure they hold up against our strict quality policy.  We believe in owning less, even if it means having to pay a little more.  As a mom of two girls I appreciate having beautiful, timeless, durable pieces that can be handed down through siblings and more.  That is what we strive to provide you with and why we have also included a preloved section.  You can find out more about consigning with us here.

Little Wild is currently an online boutique only.  We do not have a dedicated Brick and Mortar location (yet??), instead we opt to hold frequent pop ups and attend markets all over the province of Saskatchewan so we can bring our curated collection directly to all of our customers.  If you ever have a question about fit, style or feel please send us an email or DM.  We are more than happy to help.

Thank you for following along with us and shopping small.